From Google Colab to GitHub Codespaces

Sun Jan 15 2023

For the last few years, I’ve been a pretty heavy user of Google Collab. Every time I wanted to play with a new package or idea, I created a new Jupyter Notebook.

Recently though, I’ve become a big fan of VS Code, and specially GitHub Copilot. Even though there is a way to run Copilot in Colab, is not really the same flow as running it in VS Code.

To overcome this, I created a shiny GitHub Repository, datalab, that contains all the boilerplate needed to run a great Jupyter Notebook experience in VS Code.

davidgasquez/datalab - GitHub

This way, I can use Copilot to write my code, and run it in a Kaggle Notebook.

Extra: Running Notebooks on the browser

With the joyceerhl.vscode-pyodide extension, you can simply go to and run some notebooks using Pyodide.


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