Downloading HTTP Folders Fast

Sun Sep 10 2023

I’ve been looking for ways to download a bunch of files recursively via HTTP. The first thing I tried, wget, worked reasonably well. You can do something similar to the following snippet to get a copy of the files in your local machine:

wget -r -np -nH

I was curious if there were any other tools better suited for the job (e.g: parallelization) so started looking for new and shiny things written in”Rust” and “Go”. Nothing came up.

After a while, I discovered an almost older than me package, lftp, that does the wget thing, but in parallel and with some nice configuration options! You can get the same result, only faster, with the following command:

lftp -c 'mirror --parallel=100 ;exit'

Always impressed by random old UNIX tools that not only work, but are the best at what they do.

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